Find out if your firm is eligible for membership, why you should join, and what to do if you fall outside our remit.


We welcome all firms from across the UK financial services sector.


For the collective good:

  • Being part of a collective, not-for-profit industry initiative to raise standards of behaviour and competence across financial services
  • Being listed on our website and elsewhere as an FSCB member; visibly leading by example, in the UK and globally

For your firm’s culture:

  • Gaining an independent perspective on your organisation’s culture
  • Participating in our Employee Survey with access to results through an online dashboard
  • Receiving an individual summary report of the Survey results
  • Monitoring, through the consistent set of core Survey questions, the progress of your firm (and of individual business areas within it) both over time and relative to other firms
  • Analysing the Survey results by demographic characteristics to help understand the findings
  • Discussing the findings with the FSCB at your board and in other forums as useful (e.g. senior executive or team meetings)
  • For firms that span jurisdictions or sectors, the ability to run the Survey across the entire group or part of the group, as well as within the UK
  • Drawing on products and services developed by our team of behavioural scientists and data scientists on themes such as leadership, hybrid working, corporate purpose, diversity and inclusion, and wellbeing.
  • Advice on designing and implementing behavioural trials
  • The potential to work with us on running behavioural interventions in your organisation

Access to a wide range of peer networks and events:

  • Access to the full FSCB events programme; talking with academics, practitioners, regulators and subject matter experts, and sharing experience with other members firms of what does (and does not) work when it comes to managing organisational culture
  • Joining events designed for employees in particular roles or for Chairs and NEDS, or where the FSCB partners with or supports other organisations (e.g. City Mental Health Alliance, the Institute for Business Ethics)
  • Participating in FSCB member forums and networks (e.g. our Behavioural Science Network), or in working groups to develop good practice on a specific issue
  • Having an ongoing relationship with the FSCB team throughout the year, as well as an annual membership meeting with every firm and the chance to take part in regular discussions with groups of firms on our current and future work.
  • Joining the FSCB for some of our own team (e.g. relating to Black History Month or International Women’s Day)

Not eligible for membership?

Find out how your firm can work with us if you fall outside of membership.

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