Speaking Up & Listening

Consistently, year on year from 2016 to 2022, approximately one quarter of surveyed employees reported fearing negative consequences if they raised concerns about the way they worked.

When the FSCB asked employees who had raised a concern at work about their experience, less than half reported feeling that they were listened to and taken seriously. A positive voice climate, when there is a widespread belief that speaking up is both effective and safe, is central to a culture of continuous improvement. In a firm where different views are encouraged, respected and listened to, such views will be offered, and the organisation as a whole will be better placed to learn more quickly, catch problems earlier and enhance both its competitiveness and its appeal as an employer.

Speaking Up and Listening was a critical focus for the FSCB and through its Assessment, Insights and Policy work, it worked to generate insights in this area and share good practice on how to encourage these behaviours and embed them in the workplace.

The sound of silence

This article was written by Jenny Robinson, BSB Senior Behavioural Scientist, Dr. Jesal Sheth, BSB Policy Associate and Behavioural Scientist, and Yuwei Zhang, BSB Data Scientist.  When we think about 'voice climate',...

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