Future Of Workplaces & Technology

In the future of workplaces workstream we aim to understand the implications of our members’ experiences of enforced hybrid working for future work models, whether they be office based, remote or hybrid.

Our 2020 data offer a unique insight into the experience of working at our member firms during the pandemic and we are combining this with other sources to build industry-wide understanding of what we can learn from the experience that will be invaluable going forward. We’re particularly interested in how working environment scan impact on key cultural determinants such as wellbeing, speaking up, purpose, leadership and relationships.We are also interested in analysing the role that technology is playing in shaping organisations, and in identifying the cultures that will be needed to support effective development and use of this technology.

Technology in banking

This article was written by Mikael Down, BSB Executive Director for Assessment and Insights. Technology has always performed an important function in banking; and the banking industry has often been an early...

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