Employee Survey

The FSCB’s annual Employee Survey ran from 2016 to 2022 and was unique in financial services, capturing employees’ perceptions of their firms’ organisational cultures.


Shared Purpose


Positively phrased questions

Negatively phrased questions

  1. I believe senior leaders in my organisation mean what they say.
  2. In my organisation I see instances where unethical behaviour is rewarded.
  3. My colleagues act in an honest and ethical way.
  4. It is difficult to make career progression in my organisation without flexing my ethical standards.
  1. At my work I feel that I am treated with respect.
  2. At my work people seek and respect different opinions when making decisions.
  3. In my organisation Risk and Compliance are both respected functions.
  4. In my organisation we are encouraged to follow the spirit of the rules (what they mean, not just the words).
  5. I believe my organisation puts customers at the centre of business decisions.
  1. In my experience, people in my organisation are truly open to review and feedback from external sources.
  2. In my organisation people are encouraged to provide customers with information in a way that helps them make the right decisions.
  3. In my experience, people in my organisation do not get defensive when their views are challenged by colleagues.
  4. In my organisation I am encouraged to share learnings and good practices with others.
  5. If I raised concerns about the way we work, I would be worried about the negative consequences for me.
  1. In my experience, people in my area clearly understand the behaviour that is expected of them.
  2. I believe senior leaders in my organisation take responsibility, especially if things go wrong.
  3. I see people in my organisation turn a blind eye to inappropriate behaviour.
  4. I see people in my organisation try to avoid responsibility in case something goes wrong.
  5. I feel comfortable challenging a decision made by my manager.
  1. In my experience, people in my organisation have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs well.
  2. In my role, I am encouraged to continually learn new skills and improve my role-specific knowledge.
  3. I am confident in the ability of people in my area to identify risks.
  1. When my organisation says it will do something for customers, it gets done.
  2. I see the people I work with go the extra mile in order to meet the needs of our customers.
  3. When people in my organisation say they will do something, I can rely on them getting it done.
  1. In my experience, people in my organisation are good at dealing with issues before they become major problems.
  2. My organisation focuses primarily on short-term results.
  3. I often feel under excessive pressure to perform in my work.
  4. Working in my organisation has a negative impact on my health and wellbeing.
  1. I believe that my organisation responds effectively to staff feedback.
  2. Our internal processes and practices are a barrier to our continuous improvement.
  3. I believe that my organisation responds effectively to customer feedback.
  4. I believe that my organisation encourages innovation in the best interests of our customers.
  5. I have observed improvements in the way we do things based on lessons learnt.
  1. My organisation’s purpose and values are meaningful to me.
  2. There is no conflict between my organisation’s stated values and how we do business.