Our work with firms not eligible for membership.

As described in the Our history pages, our work with member firms has expanded and developed over the period since 2015. While our focus in the first six years was the UK banking sector, there was very little about our work and approach that was banking-specific.Workplace culture matters to firms and organisations in every sector and industry, and the insights we have gained and the techniques we have used have an applicability that goes well beyond the UK and well beyond financial services.Early interest in our work from a variety of organisations outside banking, as well as from non-UK banks and non-UK-based parts of international banking groups, prompted us a few years after our foundation to establish a subsidiary that could work with firms not eligible for membership on a one-to-one basis. Up until April 2021, this included any firm that was not a bank, and the non-UK operations of any firm. Our subsequent expansion of membership scope means that we are now able to engage in a membership capacity with firms across UK financial services, while continuing to work with firms and organisations in other sectors or outside the UK as clients.

Good organisational culture is not the preserve of any one firm or sector. We are always happy to talk with, work with and learn from firms and organisations in any industry and in the private or public sector.



We welcome all firms not eligible for Membership.


  • Being part of a collective, not-for-profit initiative to raise standards of organisational behaviour, competence and culture
  • Listing on our website and use of the FSCB associate logo in your firm’s marketing
  • Access to our expertise on organisational culture, including our in-house behavioural scientists, data scientists and policy specialists
  • The opportunity to take part in bespoke behavioural insights trials and interventions at discounted rates
  • Access to certain FSCB member and associate-only events, and discounted rates for paid-for events, training and courses
  • Access to our quarterly newsletter, as well as certain research, reports, good practice guidance and other content
  • The opportunity to author and contribute content to our website, quarterly newsletter and other channels
  • The opportunity to sponsor research, reports, projects, training or events

To find out more about our work in assessing organisational culture, visit ourWhat we do pages. Our membership pages will help you determine whether your firm is eligible to apply for FSCB membership; if not, please get in touch with us at info@fscb.org.uk and we would be happy to have a conversation about how we might be able to work together.